Many organisations are unable to run their conferences and events at the moment, but people need to meet up and make connections more than ever, even if it’s through a computer screen!

If you run an annual conference, do your attendees want to wait another whole year to catch up on the latest research and information, and do you want to ask speakers to present work that is a year out of date?

Rather than cancel, consider providing a more compact version of the conference via live interactive webinars. We can also arrange ways for delegates to view the rest of the conference content in their own time.

Feedback from delegates attending some of our recent virtual events…

“Seeing everyone online, and interacting with them during and after the talks, made me feel happier than I have for weeks”

“Your team has done a great job of hosting this conference virtually!”

“Chatting with other delegates across the table was amazing! It gave us an opportunity to really discuss the topics we’d heard about in the webinars. Just brilliant!”

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