How important are flowers?

When we get to the ‘final details’ part of organising an event, thinking about those flourishes and nice-to-haves, one question that comes up time and again is whether there should be flowers on the table at dinner.

Obviously, this will often come down to budget, with some clients deciding that flowers are just a bit pointless, and a waste of money. And, of course, there is a lot you can do with a dining room to still make it look attractive, such as candles or tea lights, balloons, place cards and branded menus.

For many it is about the impression they want to give, when guests arrive and first walk into the room. We all want guests to gasp and be impressed, but many won’t even notice unless the flowers make a real statement, and that usually comes at a price. But even for those who don’t seem to notice, there will still be an overall ambience created in the room through the use of fresh flowers, that can’t really be beaten.

Personally, I would say that if budget allows, a small low level floral centre-piece is nice, but it doesn’t have to be too formal either, depending on the event. And what about the waste? We encourage guests to take the flowers away with them at the end of the night, so they can be enjoyed for a bit longer.

Some points to note when choosing flowers for an event: keep them quite low, below eye level, as there’s nothing worse than people having to lean to one side to talk to the person opposite them, and keep them pollen free in case of any allergies.